About Me

I’m definitely one of those people that hit 30 and thought there’s got to be more to life than this.  That was almost 2 years ago and my world looks hugely different today…

I separated from my partner,  quit my job and set up a consulting business.  I went back to uni to do a Masters in Journalism which I’ll finish in June 2011.  I started working as a freelance journalist, took up photography and now I’m in Africa for 3 months.

One of the things I love about this new stage of my life is the people I get to meet.  Be it through work, uni, the associations I’m part of or just interviewing some pretty interesting individuals I’m spending more of my time listening, talking, having an opinion and writing.  Ahhhh… I love it!

Some of the places I get to meet great people are:

  • Travelling… of course!
  • University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) – especially the BUiLD program that so generously gave me a travel grant in support of my African adventure
  • The Australasian Association of Lean Six Sigma Practitioners (AASSP) – where I’m working with a great committee to create Australia’s leading business transformation professional body
  • Business Chicks – Emma Isaacs and her team do an amazing job creating interesting and engaging events for women in business in Australia

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years it’s that very few decisions are finite.  Instead of making decisions for what might be right in 2 years time, I’m now make them based on what’s right for now (although the control freak in me does still keep an eye on the future).

I’m expecting my path to take different twists and turns and this page will therefore change with it.


1 Response to About Me

  1. richard owusu says:

    you have my support okay, i got to this site after i had read about the “Sampling Accra’s trotro” date Friday, January 14,2011 in the Ghanaian. i loved every bit of the information and hope you enjoy your stay. i admire your enthusiasm and would appreciate it if we become friends despite my busy schedules. keep it up and very soon, you will change the idea outsiders have about Africa. But, no need to be afraid cos you are now in the gate way to Africa and the most peaceful place on the continent, soory i got to go, catch you later. take care.

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