More Cape Town… love this city!

So I’ve been in Cape Town almost 10-days and despite the fact I’m heading home tomorrow I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough.  This is a city of eating, drinking and working on your tan… my kind of place and significantly more relaxed (and cheaper) than Sydney.

Here are some of my Cape Town highlights:

  • Horseriding on the beach in Noordhoek where the wind whipped up a swell of

    Love riding on the beach! Thanks Paddy!

    around 2.5m.  A super-sized wave crashed onto the beach as we were getting ready to take some photos and scared the horses.  The horses bolted up the dunes away from the ocean and into sinking sand.  After my 17-hand mount Paddy finished tap-dancing on the spot to stop himself sinking deeper than his knees, we managed to get a couple of reasonable shots.

  • Driving through the Cape Flats townships accidentally while trying to get from the Cape Peninsula to Stellenbosch… I quickly found the highway again and whizzing past at 120km/hr I realised how big the townships are and started to get an appreciation for how many people live in conditions so different to the Constantia and Atlantic coast towns I’d spent most of my time in

Cape Flats township

  • Lunching in the gardens of Boschendal vineyard where they were re-thatching the roof of the cafe.  Sitting in the shade and sipping a perfectly chilled blanc de noir while finishing my book… tough way to spend an afternoon!
  • Sundowners at La Med at Clifton where the service was so slow that after

Sundowners at La Med

90mins I’d seen the sunset, taken pictures of table mountain with clouds coming over the top like an overflowing schooner and still hadn’t received my G&T.  Oh well, I got one of the best sunset views without having to spend a cent… not bad!

  • Having coffee with Terrence & Kalina at Giovanni’s in Green Point – apparently the best coffee in Cape Town, and at the time I would have agreed.  After my morning caffeine hit this morning the award for the best espresso now goes to Haas Coffee Collective in Bo-Kaap. They opened 2-weeks ago they roast their own beans and make the best coffee I’ve had in Africa!  One thing though, nowhere in South Africa serves soy… all fellow soy flat white drinkers beware, you’ll need to switch to black coffee or regular milk.

Haas coffee house... best coffee in Cape Town!

  • Dinner at the Noon Gun Tearoom on Lions Head where the wind was howling in true Cape Town style.  Leaving my rental car parked on a 45-degree slope I was constantly looking out the window expecting to see it rolling down the hill.  The family run restaurant serves traditional cape malay meals and the view of the city lights was spectacular.
  • High tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel where there were lamingtons as part of the spread.  The mint green tea was delicious and came with an egg-timer so the leaves only steeped for 3-mins.

There’s so much more I could write about Cape Town but I’m off to be pampered thanks to the wonderful AK and Tash before deciding on where to go for my last dinner in this foodie’s paradise!

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2 Responses to More Cape Town… love this city!

  1. Recipe Chefs says:

    Great post thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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  2. toemailer says:

    Have always heard it was beautiful there, your pictures seem to confirm that.

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