Wli Waterfall & my not so great Kilimanjaro practice

One of the great things about staying with other volunteers is that most of them have been here for longer than me and they have great tips on where to go.

This weekend we packed into a tro-tro and headed to Wli, a tiny village on the Togo border.  Despite having no idea what we’d find there I was surprised that the Vli Waterfall Lodge we were staying in was owned by Germans.  They’d been driving from Cairo to Cape Town 8 years ago, stopped overnight in Wli and haven’t left since.Wli Waterfall Lodge

After a full on week and the craziness of Accra and a journey that took twice as long as we’d expected it to it was fantastic to get out of the city.

Saturday we hiked up to Wli Waterfall – well I should say the group of 13 attempted to mountaineer up to the top… what was to meant to be a 1.5hr climb at a ridiculous incline and clambering up rocks and over fallen trees.

With the Hamattan winds blowing ridiculous amounts of sand into the air we’d managed about 2/3 of the way when fellow Sydneysider Alex was really sick and the guide told him to turn around.  I couldn’t let him go on his own – poor guy could barely walk – so I headed down too.  I’m not sure that was the best option for my Kilimanjaro practice…. but I couldn’t leave someone on their own in that state.

Not to miss the falls completely, Alex and I went to the lower falls to recover and we even got to test my new water purifier… it works!  A flat walk back through the village of Wli Gin & Tonic at Wli Waterfall Lodgewhere they had some excellent wood carvings and a random caged ostrich we made it back to the hotel and my first cold gin & tonic.  Not a bad compromise, and as I kept saying to Alex, we’ll make it to the top next time we’re in Wli!

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1 Response to Wli Waterfall & my not so great Kilimanjaro practice

  1. Saras says:

    You are realy lovely to do that. Get some practice thou

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